Vision, Mission, & Goals

Students at Convocation Event

Vision Statement

Welcome Weekend is a campus-wide collaboration that will ensure first-year, transfer, and international students make a successful transition to the University of Cincinnati.

Mission Statement

Welcome Weekend assists in the successful transition of new students to the University of Cincinnati through five days of intentional academic, social, and community-building activities, structures, and programs.


  • Provide a foundation for student persistence through a developmentally purposeful agenda
  • Help students develop a sense of institutional identity, connection points, and community
  • Provide a good launch for students:  clear, high, positive expectations; challenging and enjoyable; a constructive bridge from arrival to the first day of classes and to ongoing accomplishments within the first-year experience target learning areas.
  • Provide a framework for a student experience of Welcome Weekend such that students are engaged intellectually and socially; actively channel their energies into positive endeavors; and see themselves as moving toward success and achievement.
  • Complement and align with Bearcat Bound Orientation and the First-Year Experience

Guiding Principles

  • Welcome Weekend is primarily for first-time, first-year students, transfer students, and international student populations.  It is important to note that no student will be turned away from Welcome Weekend events, but a UC ID is required for many events.
  • The events and programs that encompass Welcome Weekend are accessible to all students.
  • Welcome Weekend is an alcohol-free weekend.
  • While Welcome Weekend aims to assist in the transition of students to campus, the time beyond Welcome Weekend is equally critical to student success.  As such, we request the campus adopt an Always Welcome attitude toward our students.  

Learning Outcomes

As a result of active participation in Welcome Weekend, students will be able to:

  • Articulate university academic expectations;
  • Identify campus resources;
  • Express university traditions;
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of how to get involved on campus; and
  • Understand the role and responsibility of being a member of the University of Cincinnati Community.

Assessment Efforts

In an effort to improve Welcome Weekend each year and to ensure progress is being made on the goals and learning outcomes, the following assessment plan will be conducted on a yearly basis.

  • Track attendance at major Welcome Weekend programs and events
  • Collect comparison data on behavioral incidents from residence halls, Judicial Affairs, and UCPD for each year vs. corresponding periods of previous years
  • Measure relationship between attendance and persistence to subsequent terms
  • Conduct focus groups with various university constituents and partners who are involved with Welcome Weekend to capture feedback and ideas for improvement
  • Conduct a post-Welcome Weekend electronic survey through the Student Government blackboard page to collect feedback from students that actively participated in the Weekend’s events

Retention Efforts

In an effort to assist in student success and retention, various frameworks and best practices were used to develop the goals, learning outcomes, and programs related to Welcome Weekend.  In reference to this list, Welcome Weekend strives to enhance the retention of UC students by:

  • Introducing students to the university’s expectations for student learning and behavior
  • Assisting in their social transition to the university
  • Assist in their academic transition to the university
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop meaningful relationships with other students, faculty, and staff
  • Cultivating students’ respect for diversity
  • Providing common intellectual experiences (Common Reading)
  • Encouraging membership and participation in campus organizations and activities