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Brandy Reeves, M.S.Ed., M.P.H., CHES
M.S.Ed., Higher Education-Student Affairs, University of Kentucky
M.P.H., Health Behavior-Health Promotion, The Ohio State University
B.A., Speech Communications, Miami University
Context | Harmony | Arranger | Responsibility | Includer

Lori Bishop, M.A.
Assistant Director
M.A., Higher Education-Student Affairs, The Ohio State University
B.A., Communications Analysis and Practices, The Ohio State University
Empathy | Learner | Maximizer | Achiever | Positivity

Peer Educators / Peer Financial Coaches

Certified through The BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA, these paid student workers educate their fellow peers by presenting programs on campus, staff awareness events, conduct peer financial coaching sessions and work office hours in the Student Wellness Center. Peer Educators are trained to have a general knowledge about all topics, however they have particular interest areas.


Zoƫ Anderson
4th year Middle School Education major
Interest Area: Alcohol, Stress Management and Sexual Health
Discipline | Empathy | Strategic | Achiever | Learner



Eunique Avery
3rd year Social Work major
Interest Area: Alcohol, Stress Management and General Wellness
Restorative | Belief | Significance | Futuristic | Focus


Tyra McKnight

Tyra McKnight
3rd year Organizational Leadership major
Interest Area: Alcohol and Financial Wellness
Competition | Restorative | Empathy | Strategic | Learner


Aisha Powell
3rd year Finance major
Interest Area: General Wellness and Financial Wellness
Includer | Strategic | Ideation | Adaptability | Communication

Kirstyn Thomas

Kirstyn Thomas
3rd year Pre-Med Biology major
Interest Area:
Significance | Activator | Input | Futuristic | Relator


Madison Turner

Madison Turner
3rd year Finance major
Interest Area: Mental Health and Sexual Health
Harmony | Responsibility | Empathy | Achiever | Arranger



Mikayla Vaclav
3rd year Middle School Education major
Interest Area: Nutrition, Stress Management and Alcohol
Learner l Achiever l Developer l Relator l Discipline

Evan Crew

Evan Crew
2nd year Communication major
Interest Area: Mental Health, Stress Management, and Fitness