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Regan Johnson

Regan Johnson, M.Ed., MCHES

M.Ed., Health Education, University of Cincinnati
B.S., Health Promotion and Education, University of Cincinnati
Functional Areas: Office outreach, awareness event programming, and assessment
Maximizer l Achiever l Command l Significance l Harmony

Erica Forrest

Erica Forrest, M.Ed., CPFC®
Assistant Director
M.Ed., Sport Administration, Xavier University
B.A., Communication, University of South Florida
Functional Areas: Financial Wellness, training development, website technology and social media, and awareness event programming
Individualization l Responsibility l Discipline l Restorative l Empathy

Peer Educators

Certified through The BACCHUS Network, these paid student workers educate their fellow peers by presenting programs on campus, staffing awareness events, and working office hours in the SWC. Peer Educators are trained to have a general knowledge about all topics, however they have particular interest areas.

Steven Breen

Steven Breen
3rd year Biomedical Engineering major
Interest Areas: Stress Management and Financial Wellness
Woo l Positivity l Individualization l Includer l Learner

Morgan Cummins

Morgan Cummins
4th year Sociology major
Interest Area: Alcohol, Sexual Health, and Social Media
Harmony l Developer l Empathy l Responsibility l Positivity

Michael Gaisie

Michael Gaisie
3rd year Health Promotion and Education major
Interest Area: Alcohol, Sexual Health, and Stress
Achiever l Harmony l Analytical l Restorative l Adaptability

Michelle Glancey

Michelle Glancey
3rd year Health Promotion and Education major
Interest Area: Alcohol, Sexual Health, and General Wellness
Restorative l Developer l Futuristic l Positivity l Harmony


Erika Henry
3rd year Health Promotion and Education major
Interest Area: Stress, Sexual Health, and Financial Wellness
Connectedness l Maximizer l Empathy l Achiever l Relator


Ashley Martin

Ashley Martin
3rd year Dietetics major
Interest Area: Nutrition, Alcohol, General Health & Wellness
Learner l Maximizer l Responsibility l Relator l Developer


Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker
3rd year Social Work major
Interest Area: Body Image and Nutrition
Connectedness l Developer l Empathy l Achiever l Consistency

Prapti Shah

Prapti Shah
2nd year Neurobiology major
Interest Area: Stress Management and General Wellness
Consistency l Harmony l Significance l Focus l Individualization

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