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Be Wise

The University of Cincinnati wants your college experience to be safe and successful.  College is a time when many students choose to use alcohol when celebrating and spending time with their friends.  However, many of us know someone who has gone to far and gotten themselves into trouble or hurt themselves or somebody else because of their alcohol use.

Be Wise is a collaboration of campus entities coming together for the greater good of our campus community.  Whether you're the "party thrower" or a "party goer" we have something for you!  Whether you have questions about hosting a responsible party or need to know how to help a friend who has consumed too much, we have tips for you. 

This initiative is here to provide you with the tools and information necessary to help you learn how to Be Wise while socializing, like a true Bearcat!

Party Packs are designed to help students that are having off-campus parties have fun and entertain friends while providing them with resources and information to have a successful party.  The Party Pack contains:

-- Cooler carrying case
-- "A Guide to a Safe & Successful Party"
-- Trash bags for cleanup
-- Taxi cards for your guests
-- Magnet with food delivery information
-- Solo cups with standard drink info
-- Koozies with safe drinking tips
-- Wellness kit with products from the Student Wellness Center
-- Posters that can be put up during your party with alcohol information

Party Packs are now available in the Student Wellness Center during business hours for off-campus parties.  Stop by and pick one up today!  Contact the SWC for more info.


Be Wise Kit