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Myths About Alcohol

Think you know everything about alcohol?  Here are some common myths debunked!

Myth:  Everyone drinks.
Not true.  In fact, 1 in 5 UC students do not use alcohol.  If you choose not to drink you are definitely not alone.

Myth:  I can sober up quickly if I have too.
If you think that taking a shower or drinking coffee or eating bread will help you sober up-think again!  The only thing your body needs is time--depending on your weight, it takes about 3 hours to get rid of every 2 drinks.

Myth:  Alcohol increases your sex drive.
No, it doesn't.  While you might be saying "I really do want to have sex more when I'm drunk!" But here's what's actually going on:  alcohol lowers your inhibitions about having sex.  Also, being drunk makes it harder to perform. 

Myth:  Men and Women of equal size can drink the same amount.
  We're all for equality, but women simply cannot handle as much alcohol as men.  Women have less of the enzyme responsible for breaking down alcohol in the bloodstream and the hormonal changes during your period are know to affect alcohol absorption as well. 

Myth:  You will be better off if you can "hold your liquor"
A person who drinks heavily without becoming intoxicated had built up a tolerance.  Tolerance can lead to alcohol poisoning, alcohol dependency issues and possibly death. 

Myth:  Beer before liquor, never been sicker--liquor before beer, you're in the clear.
  This is an old urban legend used to explain how people get sick when they drink, but it's just not true.  Your blood alcohol content (BAC) is what determines how drunk you are.  It doesn't matter what type of alcohol you consume.

Myth:  Everyone who gets drunk acts the same.
  Nope.  There are lots of factors that affect the body's reactions to alcohol, including weight, age, gender, body chemistry, genetics, amount of food and alcohol consumed--the list can go on.  The way one person reacts can be vastly different from how another person reacts.  You can't predict how alcohol will affect you.

Myth:  Alcohol gives you energy.
  This statement is false.  Alcohol is a depressant, and can actually make you sleepy.  It slows down your motor skills which control the way you think, speak, move and react.