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Throwing A Party

If you are planning to host an off campus party, check out these tips to help you have a successful party:

Non-Alcoholic Drinks:  Have drinks available that are not alcoholic for those that choose not to drink or want to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Snack:  You want to make sure that you and your guests are not drinking on an empty stomach.  A full stomach slows the pace at which alcohol is absorbed so you don't get hit with that "suddenly sick" feeling.

Toilet Paper:  Don't be that host that never has enough toilet paper.  Stock up on toilet paper as well as other cleaning products.

Don't tempt the Klepto:  Be sure to store away any valuables to a safe and secure place; including laptops, phones, chargers, and jewelery.  Clear out your living room, kitchen, and even bathroom.  Also, be sure to monitor your bedroom or even lock the door!

Be a Good Neighbor:  Be respectful of your neighbors.  Remember, if you live around campus you don't just live with other students.  There are probably families with young children around as well.  Let your neighbors know ahead of time that you are having a party and possibly exchange numbers.  This way you can have them call you if they have any problems with your party instead of automatically calling the cops.

Keep Control of your Guests:  Only invite people you know you your party.  Problems such as fights and stolen items are more likely to occur if you let people you don't know in.  Nothing will get the police there faster than a party with too many people.

Avoid Making Alcohol the Main Focus of the Party:  Entertain guests with music, dancing, food and good conversation. 

Make the Safety of your Guests you Top Priority:  You house, your rules.  Don't let anyone on the roof or balcony.  Beware of lighting candles if there is going to be drinking. 

Clean Up!  Not only do you need to clean up inside, but outside as well.  Be sure to check your neighbors yard as well.

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