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Women's Initiatives Network

About Us


WIN began in 2001 with support from then President Joseph Steger, provosts and senior vice presidents. Two tenured professors, Cynthia Berryman-Fink (Communications) and Urmila Ghia (Engineering) led WIN during its first several years. Membership was composed of representatives from various women's organizations at UC.

In 2005, President Nancy Zimpher formalized WIN, appointing a steering committe and incorporating WIN under the direction of the UC Women's Center.

Jana Braziel and Stephanie Cappell engaging in a negotiation exercise.

Jana Braziel and Stephanie Cappel engaging in a negotiation exercise

What We Do

WIN has two current focus areas: supporting the professional development and advancement of UC women and improving work/life balance for all at UC.

WIN maintains a list serve and communicates regularly via the list serve, presenting opportunities for professional development and highlighting issues at UC or in higher education generally that are of importance to women. WIN also runs the Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) to develop faculty and staff for leadership in higher education.