Women's Initiatives NetworkWomen's Initiatives NetworkUniversity of Cincinnati

Women's Initiatives Network

WILD Advisory Committee

Cathy Castillo
Director of Business Affairs, University Health Services

Melanie Cushion
Senior Associate Dean, College of Medicine

Amy Howton
Associate Director, UC Women’s Center

Kimberly Jacobs-Beck
Associate Professor and Chair, English Language and Fine Arts, UC Clermont

Mina Jones Jefferson
Assistant Dean, College of Law

Rita Kumar
Asocciate Professor, UC Blue Ash

Johanna Looye
Associate Professor, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Robin Martin

Sr VP for Academic Affairs & Provost

Beth McGrew
Associate Vice President, Campus Planning and Design

Debra Merchant
Vice President, Student Affairs

Kristi Nelson
Professor and Senior Vice Provost

Barb Rinto
Adjunct Instructor, University Honors Scholars Program

Regina Sapona
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services

Carol Tonge-Mack
Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Kendra Violet
Associate Director Campus Recreation Center

Tina Whalen
Associate Dean, College of Allied Health Sciences