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Women's Risk Needs Assessment

Construction Validation Results

The construction validation research took place between 1999 and 2007 in four jurisdictions: 1) Colorado (prisons: N=154; parole: N=134); 2) Missouri (prisons: N=272; parole: N=150; probation: N= 310); 3) Minnesota (prisons: N=198; probation: N=233); and 4) Maui (probation: N=158). 

The six tables presented below provide a summary of the data from these initial construction studies. Predictions to relevant outcome measures are shown in Table 1, below. Most importantly, row 3, shows the correlations between all gender-neutral and gender-responsive scales with the outcome, offense-related, variable examined in each study. Results are well within findings for the more well-established gender-neutral risk/needs assessments.

Table 1 REVISED 011209

In Table 2, below, the predictive validity of the individual gender-neutral and gender-responsive scales are presented for all samples.

Table 2 A
Table 2 B
Table 2 C

In Table 3, below, the construct validity findings of the gender-responsive scales is compared across the sites.

Table 3A
Table 3B

In Table 4, below, the preliminary inter-rater reliability findings are presented.


Table 5, below, shows the internal consistency findings for the interview scales.

Table 5

In Table 6, below, the internal consistency findings for the survey scales are presented.

Table 6

Further details and psychometric measures are shown in a summary report prepared for the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and appear under the publications link on this page or on the NIC web page (www.NICIC.org). Construction validation research is not considered to be the final step in test construction. As such, the instruments have undergone further validation research and refinements as they were implemented for use in large correctional agencies. Results from this newer, revalidation research can be seen by going to the revalidation results page using the tabs on the left.