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Women's Risk Needs Assessment

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a key component to effectively implementing the Women's Risk Needs Assessment. Agencies using the assessment will want to put into place procedures which ensure the accurate completion of the assessment. Since the assessment results have such a large impact on both the agency and the offender, it is vital that assessments are being completed and scored correctly. Agencies implementing the assessment should thus create quality assurance plans to address the following issues:

• Interview quality - Quality interviews should demonstrate sound interviewing and listening skills (motivational interviewing). UCCI offers interview review and coaching as well as a training to facilitate an agency's internal capacity to conduct these interview reviews and coaching sessions. See the trainings and presentations tab and the WRNA implementation tab for more details on these services. 

• Assessment conditions - Agencies should implement a system which verifies that interviews and surveys are being conducted in a quiet, reasonably private, and safe location. These requirements are imperative due to the sensitive nature of the information being discussed.

• Assessment administration and scoring - Verification of appropriate assessment administration and scoring is of great import, particularly for agencies using the assessment to determine custody or supervision levels. Agencies may wish to utilize automated scoring software to manage scoring accuracy. Agencies may create their own automated system, or they may contact UCCI for information on software options.

• Data entry - Agencies should seek to develop a system which verifies the accuracy of data entered into a computer system. Errors in computer input can have a tremendous impact on the agency and the woman assessed.

• Case Planning - Case planning using the Women's Risk Needs Assessment requires that case plans are created based upon assessment results. Checks should be in place to ensure the case plans are being created, adhered to, and updated according to the WRNA model.

UCCI consultants are available to assist with creating quality assurance plans for your agency.