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Women's Risk Needs Assessment

Trainings and Presentations

Web-based Women's Risk Needs Assessment Orientation and Consulting

The University of Cincinnati has partnered with the National Institute of Corrections to offer FREE individualized orientation and consulting sessions to agencies interested in learning more about adoption of the Women's Risk Needs Assessment. These informational sessions are offered over the internet.

Women's Risk Needs Assessment Training

The University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (UCCI) offers a 3 day training in the administration of the WRNA. The training covers: 1) evidence-based practices; 2) gender-responsive principles and practices; 3) adminstration and scoring of the Women's Risk Needs Assessment; 4) interview and assessment skills; and 5) gender-responsive, assessment-driven case planning.

Women's Risk Needs Assessment Booster Training

UCCI also offers a 1 day booster training for individuals who have already completed the Women's Risk Needs Assessment Training (above). This training session is customized for each individual site through survey feedback. This allows for the session to cover the materials most relevant to the training audience.

Women's Risk Needs Assessment Training for Trainers

This 5 day training is offered to agencies who are interested in developing their own internal training capacity. Trainees are taught how to deliver the 3 day WRNA training and are given hands-on experience delivering the training to their peers.

Women's Risk Needs Assessment Training for Supervisors

UCCI offers a 2 day training for supervisors of assessors and case managers that administer and utilize the WRNA. This training provides supervisors with an overview of the 3 day training that their staff receive on the administration of the tool and gives supervisors practical skills for the oversight and supervision of the assessment and accompanying case planning process.

Women's Risk Needs Assessment Agency-Wide Training

This 1 day training is offered to all agency staff (custody/supervision, treatment, administration, etc.) in order to inform these individuals about the WRNA assessment and case planning processes taking place within the agency. The purpose of this training session is to ensure that the entire agency is informed of the gender-responsive assessment and case planning practices and can work to support one another in the treatment and rehabilitation of the agency's female clients.

Women's Risk Needs Assessment Quality Assurance Training

This blended training is designed for individuals experienced in the administration and scoring of the WRNA. Ideally, the target audience would be comprised of supervisors or agency trainers of the WRNA. The training focuses on fidelity to the WRNA model and includes a combination of 2 days of onsite training and individual web-based participant follow-up. Participants learn to conduct WRNA documentation reviews and video reviews of WRNA assessors. An emphasis is placed on the collaborative development of coaching plans to accompany the video reviews in order to help improve future reviews of the interviewer.