Credit Evaluation Forms

Transfer Credit Appeal Form

Use this form... Do not use this form... 
  • ...when there is disagreement with awarded transfer equivalency.
  • submit additional course information for reconsideration of block credit. Block credit will only be reconsidered when additional information pertaining to the course (e.g. course syllabus) is provided with the appeal.
  • request course substitutions toward degree programs. In these cases, please contact your academic advisor.
  • notify University staff of data entry errors on evaluation (e.g. spelling errors, course number discrepancies, missing coursework).

If you have any questions after submitting this form, please contact College Credit Services at


CTAG and ITAG Request Forms

Use the appropriate form below to request articulation of career technical credit or industry-recognized credentials earned in Ohio. These credits are earned through secondary or adult career technical institutions after completion of successful coursework and assessments (e.g. WebXam or a third-party certification assessment).


Forms for University Staff