Office Cleaning

Return to Campus Cleaning Kit

Return to Campus Cleaning Kits have been distributed to departments via their primary mail location delivery point (generally business offices). Additional items contained in the kits may be acquired through the supplier GBEX and or the by contacting the UC Stockroom at 556-4320. 

The Return to Campus Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • 1- Swiffer Duster
  • 1- Can of Spray Disinfectant
  • 1- Container of Disinfectant Wipes
  • 1- Box of Gloves
  • 1- Bottle Hand Sanitizer Pump, 70% Alcohol (Large)
  • 1- Bottle Hand Sanitizer Pump, 70% Alcohol (Small)
  • 2- Bottle First Defense Sanitizing Spray, 32oz
  • 2- Single Fold Towel Pack (400/per)


It is important to remember that any surface that you are disinfecting must FIRST BE DUSTED/ CLEANED.

  1. Always dust from top to bottom
  2. Dust tops of hutches, pictures or framed art/diplomas etc.
  3. Dust computer screens, especially the back of monitors where dust accumulates. Dust keyboards. (Helpful hint) pick up your keyboard and shake it upside down. Loose particles will fall out, then dust afterwards.

Disinfectant wipes are designed to clean and disinfect hard surfaces throughout.

  1. NEVER add any chemical with a disinfectant wipe as there is already a chemical added. Mixing chemicals is dangerous.
  2. Use multiple wipes. Do not cross contaminate.
  3. Throw wipe in trash when completed.

Disinfectant wipes are very difficult to procure so please use them sparingly. Use disinfectant and paper towels are primary cleaners.

How It Cleans-Ace 61 and HB Fuller are EPA registered hospital grade cleaners that disinfect and deodorize all in one step. They have kill claims against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19 and other viruses.

Use on hard, non-porous inanimate surfaces. DO NOT use on dishes, coffee cups, eating utensils or interior surfaces of appliances such as microwaves.

  1. Dust areas to be cleaned with the provided Swiffer duster.
  2. Make sure spray nozzle is turned away from your face before spraying.
  3. Spray ACE 61 on the provided paper towels.
  4. Wipe area with the damp towel. Let the chemical air dry on its own. It’s working, doing its job.
  5. Throw towel in the trash.
  6. Wash your hands.

Disinfects in one-step. Reduces Allergens. Sanitizes Soft Surfaces. Sanitizes the air. Kills 99% of germs and viruses

  1. DO NOT point towards your eyes, face and clothing
  2. Hold can upright between 6”- 8” from surface.
  3. Spray on soft surfaces such a chairs and couches
  4. Allow surface to air dry

It is important to remember that any surface that you are disinfecting must FIRST BE DUSTED/CLEANED. Of all the cleaning supplies, a disinfectant spray is by far the most difficult to procure, please use it sparingly.

Sanitizer contains the EPA requirement to 60% or higher alcohol

  1. Apply enough of the product to the palm of your hand to wet your hands completely.
  2. Rub your hands together, covering all areas of your hands for up to 25 seconds or until your hands are dry.
  3. NEVER rub your eyes or touch your face after using ANY chemical
  4. If your hands are visibly dirty however, wash your hands with soap and water.

A chemical is a chemical. If you have sensitive skin it is advised that you wear gloves and wash your hands after using any of the above and use a protective hand lotion or Vaseline afterwards.

Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Healthy.