Safe Work Environment and Wellness Resources

While you were away...

The university offers resources and conducts practices to support employee health and wellness and to promote safety, effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.

During the remote learning period, UC Housekeeping took the opportunity to clean and sanitize every building using cleaning agents approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for killing the SARS CoV-2 virus.

Items and areas cleaned included furniture (chairs, tables, desks, etc.), door handles and plates, light switches, elevator buttons, accessibility buttons and plates, vending machine buttons, ledges and handrails, windowsills and trash/recycle cans as well as all carpets vacuumed.

All restrooms were power washed and sanitized throughout, including every handle, counter, sink, partition, door, floor, etc., using Specialized Cleaning Tools.

What happens to a space if an on-campus member in that space contracts COVID-19?

UC's Environmental Health and Safety will assess the space and determine a safe and effective course of action. Any cleaning and sanitization of that space would be based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One of the recommendations is Increased Ventilation. The university has 25 Negative Air Fans with HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filters for improved ventilation.