Introduction to Finance

Ksenia Sarkisova is appreciated for being a professional financial advisor "with a heart." She has helped many individuals understand the financial basics for mapping a secure future.

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Introduction to Finance 101

Thurs., Sept. 15 - 22, 6:00pm-8pm / $59 / One Class

Instructor: Ksenia Sarkisova

Online Course

We are going to discuss the importance of savings, risk and debt management, various retirement plans and account consolidation strategies, investments, the importance of goal setting and prioritizing to achieve desired financial outcomes. To better understand/relate to each of the topic I am going to bring up real life cases. This course is designed to serve as the basis for taking steps towards making educational financial decisions.


About Your Instructor

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Ksenia Sarkisova

Ksenia works for Octavia as a financial advisor and is certified to provide a diversity of strategies and resources to enhance their financial plan. She is passionate about helping individuals realize the benefits of reaching financial independence.

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