Cincinnati Wine: An Effervescent History & Wine Tasting Evening

Experience Cincinnati's rich wine history, enjoy tasting three local Norton wines, and receive a copy of Dann Woellert's new book “Cincinnati Wine: An Effervescent History” during this entertaining evening.

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Thurs., Sept. 16, 6:30-8:30 pm / $59 / One Class
All samples included in class fee, plus an autographed copy of Dann's book.
Instructor: Dann Woellert
In-person at VPC Campus


Tip your glasses to Cincinnati’s rich history of winemaking with Dann Woellert, Cincinnati food historian, as he shares the history of Cincinnati wine through four of the Native American grapes that led us through the peak of our winemaking from 1840 to 1870. These specific grapes: the Catawba, Norton, Ives, and Delaware grapes created a unique history that fostered the growth of the California wine industry. Students will enjoy tasting three local Norton wines and will receive a copy of Dann’s new book “Cincinnati Wine: An Effervescent History.”

About Your Instructor

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Dann Woellert

Writer & Food Etymologist

Dann Woellert, Food Etymologist, eats and researches how our food came to be what it is. He focuses on the hometown comfort food and drink favorites from his Midwestern Cincinnati.