Roux, Soups & Sauces, the Basics, Oh My!

This term is packed with fun cooking classes to stir your culinary enthusiasm. 

Roux, Soups & Sauces, the Basics, Oh My!

pan with roux sauce in it
  • Tues., Oct. 26, 6-8:30 pm
  • $59: All supplies included in class fee.
  • Instructor: Mona Bronson Fuqua
  • One Class: In-person at VPC Campus

Knowing how to make a roux is one of the most useful kitchen tips you will learn, as a good roux is the basis for many good soups and sauces. Join Chef Mona Bronson Fuqua as she helps you get started building your own version of a good roux. You will also learn how to adjust the roux to be gluten-free, and develop one of the five “mother” sauces and how to modify each for certain recipes. This class is a good prelude to the “Savory Soups” class in December, and great to take with a friend!

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Chef Mona Bronson-Fuqua

Chef Mona Bronson-Fuqua

Mona Bronson-Fuqua is CEO and Chef of Je Nais Se Fuqua LLC. Chef Mona combines her culinary passion with a desire to help others overcome food insecurities as a chef instructor for Cooking for the Family through St. Francis Seraph Ministries.