Wedding Ballroom Dance Workshop

Open to singles or couples. Wear anything comfortable to move in, and be ready to have fun! All levels are welcome!

couple dancing at wedding


Please check back for next class dates.

$119 / Five Classes              

Instructor: Susan Jacob

In-person at VPC Campus

Want to make your first dance at your wedding into a moment you’ll treasure forever? This workshop can help you make that dream come true. Learn the basics of dance, lead/follow, and floor craft, so every move feels natural and picture perfect! If you have your song picked, you can learn how to customize your dance to match. This also works for Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dances as well. No need to bring the dress or wear the tux. Create a special dance and have fun together!


About Your Instructor

Headshot of Susan Jacob

Susan Jacob

Susan Jacob has independently taught dance classes for over ten years. Susan began her career with the Texas Ballet Theatre before coming to work for the Cincinnati Ballet. She teaches all styles of dance.

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