Planning for the End-of-Life: The Gift of Peace of Mind

It's not unusuaul for a family crises to emerge all too often after the death of loved ones. Having clear plans in order can reduce stress in and conflict among survivors.

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Mon., Oct. 18, 5:30-8:30 pm / $39 /  One Class
Instructor: Janet Schultz
Live Online. You will receive a link the day before class.


Thinking and talking about the end-of-life can be difficult, but a necessary step to assure your wants and needs will be honored when the time comes. This class will provide you with valuable tools and resources to address the practical preparation for your own death or that of a family member. We will review the reasons to prepare an end-of-life plan, what documentation to gather, and how to approach talking with the relevant people about your wishes. We will discuss the need for a plan for illness and specifying preferences for a funeral or memorial and, perhaps creating a legacy document or lasting memory to leave behind. This is not a class for legal or medical advice, but you will receive thoughtful, caring information and references to resources to help guide you through this important step.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Janet R. Schultz

Janet R. Schultz

Professor Emerita, Ph.D.

Janet Schultz is a psychologist, previously with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where her specialty was working with children with chronic conditions and their families. This work sometimes included working with families around issues of death

Headshot of Jenny Holmstrom

Jenny Holmstrom

Retired Educator, BA, MEd

Jenny Holmstrom is a recently retired teacher. She has been impacted by the passing of her mother, and now with the decline of her father, giving her a clear understanding of things that can be put into place to help others dealing with loss.

Headshot of Laura Jull

Laura Jull


Laura Jull has spent decades in a career in Emergency Management. She has served as an adjunct faculty member for Louisiana State University, helped develop a certification curriculum to include healthcare disciplines in Emergency Preparedness.