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Please check back for Spring classes.
Instructor: Chris Pray
Eastern Hills Indoor Tennis

Get in shape with tennis! Work on hand-eye coordination, racquet skills, basic strokes, and scoring. This experience is designed for the player who has played some tennis but needs instruction on basic techniques or is learning to keep the ball in play but needs to improve court positioning and consistency.

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Sun., Sept. 12-Oct. 17, 4:30-6 pm  / $139 / Six Classes    
Sun., Oct. 24-Dec. 12, 4:30-6 pm / $139 / Six Classes 
(No class on Oct. 31 and Nov. 28) 
Instructor: Chris Pray
Eastern Hills Indoor Tennis

This is an enjoyable way to get in shape and stay in shape! You are ready for this experience if you have had some previous instruction or if you can hit groundstrokes and serves in play from the baseline with reasonable success. You'll have the chance to work on strokes with movement, rally skills, overheads, and volleys. And for those who are ready, you may practice getting that first serve in, adding spin, netplay, strategy, and control.

About Your Instructor

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Chris Pray

Chris Pray played varsity tennis at Walnut Hills High School and went on to become an all-conference player at Oberlin Colleg. Chris taught for 4 years in Raleigh, NC, and also teaches at Cincinnati Tennis Club in East Walnut Hills.

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