Learn Copperplate Script Calligraphy

Learn this historic art form of the most well-known and appreciated calligraphic styles of all time. You will be guided step-by-step to create beautiful letterforms using an array of flexible and durable fine point metal nibs.

card with word "Joy" written in calligraphy


Tues., Nov. 2-Dec. 7, 6-8 pm / $129 / Six Classes

Instructor: Marlene Steele
In-person at VPC Campus


The beautiful Copperplate Script, often used for wedding invitations and perfect for holiday greeting cards, will be taught in a simple, yet thorough approach in this comprehensive class. You will learn how to form the basic strokes to create the lower-case letters and then pen the elegant capitals, using the flexible pointed nib in the oblique penholder. You will be provided with worksheets for hands-on practice as well as script samplings to inspire you. Expect a lot of pen play and amazing results with this creative art form!

Supply List (Please purchase and bring to class):

  • Oblique pens
  • Pointed nib 
  • Ink
  • Smooth white paper pad, lined or unlined 
  • Paper towels

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Marlene Steele

Marlene Steele

Marlene is a professional studio artist with 30 years of experience in studio production. She lives and works in Cincinnati, where she creates beautifully rendered portraits and landscapes in pastel, watercolor, and oil.

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