Makerspace Soldering & Electrical Circuits

This is an unique opportunity to explore the toolf of innovation in the First Floor Makerspace at the 1819 Innovation Hub.

man soldering an electronic circuit


Please check back for next class dates / $69 / One Class

Instructor: Makerspace staff

In-person at UC 1819 Innovation Hub

All materials and supplies included in class fee.

Learn the foundational concepts of DC electronics and soldering while creating a functional electronic bug! This workshop is targeted to beginners and those interested in learning more about DIY electronics prototyping. This hands-on workshop walks participants step-by-step through the process while imparting best practices and necessary safety information.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Makerspace Staff

Makerspace Staff

The Makerspace staff is a team of artists, designers, engineers, and visionaries with deep experience in design, prototyping, and DIY making.

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