Kay Worz teaches a variety of painting classes using different mediums, including watercolor, acrylic and sponge painting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, Kay provides plenty of one-on-one attention to help you bring your skills forward by learning a new technique or approach.

woman at desk painting a watercolor


Sat., Nov. 19, 12-2 pm / $59 / One Class

All supplies included in class fee.

Instructor: Kay Worz

In-person at VPC Campus

This workshop is a comprehensive approach to understanding and experiencing the beauty of watercolor painting. You will learn about paint composition, value, and color mixing, and explore several techniques in order to find the one that works for you. Plus, Kay will give you plenty of ‘tips’ to help you enjoy creating a painting you will love. Subject matter will be provided, or you may bring a photo of something you’d like to paint.


About Your Instructor

Headshot of Kay Worz

Kay Worz

Kay Worz is a well-established, nationally recognized Cincinnati artist known for her calli-graphic style of watercolor paintings. She has served as President of the Cincinnati Art Club and recently received the honor of "Illustrator of the Year."

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