Fall Birdwatching: Field Ornithology

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Sat., Oct. 8 - 29, 8:00am-2:00pm / $199 / Four Classes

Instructor: Ronald Canterbury

This class meets at UC Center for Field Studies. 11053 Oxford Rd., Harrison, OH 45030

Have you always wanted to study birds? The course will involve an overview of the biology of birds and local bird identification. Our professional ornithologist has over 32 years of research in avian migration, and he will cover topics such as bird anatomy and physiology, evolution, relationships with other birds, ecology, and conservation. You will explore bird biology predominately through interactive field labs to prepare you for new bird watching experiences.


About Your Instructor

Headshot of Ron Canterbury

Ron Canterbury

Ronald Canterbury is the Associate Academic Director in Biological Sciences at the UC. Ron is a professional ornithologist and has taught Ornithology and many other ecology and field biology courses and Anatomy and Physiology.