Discover Plants of Ohio

This is a comprehensive field study with biologist Denis Conover, for an overview of the biology of plants, local plant identification, and much more.

Redbud Tree


Sat., Jun. 4-25, 10 am-1 pm / $159 / Four Classes

Instructor: Denis Conover

Various Locations including Spring Grove Cemetery

This course provides an introduction to the diversity of the families of flowering plants we’ll discover at this beautiful time of year. The emphasis will be on plants growing wild in the Ohio and Indiana areas. Students will learn the plant anatomy and terminology to develop their plant identification skills. We will also cover the ecology of the plants discovered during our field trips.

About Your Instructors:

Headshot of Denis Conover

Denis Conover

UC Professor

Denis G. Conover, PhD. is a UC professor of biological sciences and teaches courses on plant classification, native trees and wildflowers, plant ecology, plant physiology, and does research on invasive species.