JT Townsend Detective Series: Scandalous Crimes of the Roaring Twenties

If you've ever taken one of JT Townsend's classes, you know you're in for an eye-opening evening of crime-solving where you get involved!  JT is a 3-time author, armchair detective, acclaimed public speaker, and a lifelong resident of the Queen City.

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Thurs., Oct. 6 - 27, 7:00-9:00pm / $89 / Four Classes

Instructor: JT Townsend

In-person at VPC Campus  

Help JT Townsend unravel these shocking crimes as you become part of his detective team! 

Week One: We exhume the unsolved murders of two rich and famous playboys. The 1920 slaying of gambler Joseph Elwell gave the New York City press their first sex scandal mystery of the decade. And the 1922 murder of Hollywood movie director William Taylor exposed his secret life and shined a harsh light on Tinseltown. 

Week Two: We reconsider the bizarre 1924 kidnap-murder of young Bobby Franks, and the investigation that led to the shocking arrest of wealthy college students Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold. Famed attorney Clarence Darrow defended them in a landmark case that put the human psyche on trial. 

Week Three: We explore two adulterous crimes of passion. When married lovers Edward Hall and Eleanor Mills were found murdered on a lonely road in 1922, this unsolved crime became a national sensation. And Ruth Snyder and Judd Gray killed her husband in a lurid case that spawned 1927 headlines and a dramatic trial. 

Week Four: We follow the horrific trail of Earle Leonard Nelson, who savagely raped and murdered at least 22 women he targeted through “room for rent” ads during a 1926-27 cross country spree. We also take a fresh look at the most infamous mafia hit of all time: Chicago’s 1929 “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” 

About Your Instructor

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JT Townsend


JT Townsend is the author of Queen City Gothic, Queen City Notorious and Summer’s Almost Gone. His work has appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Magazine, Word Magazine, Clews, and Crime Traveler.

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