JT Townsend Detective Series: The Sensational Murders of the 1960s

If you've ever taken one of JT Townsend's classes, you know you're in for an eye-opening evening of crime-solving where you get involved!  JT is a 3-time author, armchair detective, acclaimed public speaker, and a lifelong resident of the Queen City.

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PLEASE NOTE: Class has moved to April, 2022.
Look for details in the Winter Catalog.

Thurs., Oct. 7-28, 6:30-8:30 pm / $89 / Four Classes
Instructor: JT Townsend
In-person at VPC Campus

Help JT Townsend unravel four murders of sixties, as you become part of his detective team! Uncover the evidence behind the 1964 murder of teenager Beverly Jarosz, Cleveland’s second most notorious cold case, viciously slain in her own bedroom in broad daylight with witnesses nearby. Next up is the case of Speck and Whitman, the drug addled drifter and the brooding sniper who ushered in the modern age of mass murder during a 2-week spree in the summer of 1966. Then you will uncover the Mystery at the Mansion: The Murder of Valerie Percy. The audacious 1966 home-invasion murder of the daughter of a high-profile senatorial candidate, found bludgeoned to death. And finally, who was the Zodiac Killer? The sadistic slayer terrorized the San Francisco area in the late 1960s, killing at least five people and overwhelming the media and the FBI. Put on your detective hat and be prepared to solve the unthinkable!


About Your Instructor

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JT Townsend


"JT Townsend is the author of the regional bestseller Queen City Gothic and also Queen City Notorious. His work has appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Magazine, Word Magazine, Clews, and Crime Traveler.

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