Morgan's Great Raid: A Civil War Operation Like No Other

 Join historian David L. Mowery, as he examines the many different facets of the Queen City during the war and the impact it has had on Cincinnati.

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$49 / One Class

Class fee includes an autographed book.

Instructor: David L. Mowery

In-person at VPC Campus

Join author and historian, David L. Mowery, for an enthralling evening steeped in the history and stories of Morgan's Raid, a military operation unlike any other on American soil. Morgan's Raid was characterized by incredible speed, superhuman endurance, and innovative tactics. The effort produced the only battles fought north of the Ohio River and reached farther north than any other regular Confederate force. With twenty-five maps and more than forty illustrations, David will show you a new look at this unprecedented event in American history, one historian's rank among the world's greatest land-based raids since Elizabethan times.

About Your Instructor

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David Mowery

Writer & Historian

Studying the American Civil War has been David Mowery's passion for nearly 45 years. David enjoys traveling across the United States in search of forgotten historic sites. He has visited all of the major Civil War battlefield parks.