Oldest Cincinnati

Spend a fascinating evening with author, Rick Pender, as he takes you on a journey through Cincinnati, a city full of firsts and oldests!

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Tues., Oct. 19, 6-8 pm / $49 / One Class
Class fee includes an autographed book.
Instructors: Rick Pender
In-person at VPC Campus


Late in the 18th century, people in American began heading west in search of new frontiers and new lives. Many of them found their way down the Ohio River to Cincinnati, known as the “Queen City of the West.” In the book, “Oldest Cincinnati,” author Rick Pender tells the story of a ferry that enabled early settlers to cross the Ohio River at Augusta, Kentucky. Active in 1798, the ferry is still in business today. You’ll hear the story of an inn that provided shelter for early stagecoach travelers. It opened in 1803 in Lebanon, Ohio and continues to welcome guests to this day. Spend a fascinating evening learning about one of the first settlements in the Northwest Territory–originally called “Losantiville” before it was dubbed Cincinnati–a city that is full of firsts and oldests.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Rick Pender

Rick Pender


Rick Pender holds a Master’s in English. He is a published author, journalist, and former manager of a public radio station in N. Kentucky. Rick has worked in public relations for colleges, radio stations, and major health maintenance organizations.

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