Call Center Supervisor

Greater Cincinnati is a leader in call center employment nationwide. The UC Office of Professional & Continuing Education is proud to offer to Call Center training programs that you can take anywhere, at any time!

This program is offered in partnership with ed2go, one of the nation's top online education providers.

Certification Programs

  • Some of the world’s largest organizations established call centers in Ohio, including Amazon, General Electric and JPMorgan Chase & Co., according to the Ohio Development Services Agency.
  • The Cincinnati OH-KY-IN metro area is considered to be a high demand area for call center employment, according to Burning Glass.
  • found that call center managers in Greater Cincinnati make around $60,000 per year on average.

Call center representatives assist and support customers with questions, concerns or problems regarding a company’s products, services or policies. They speak with callers to better understand their issue and either offer solutions or escalate the issue to the appropriate person. Call center representatives typically report into a call center supervisor.

Call center supervisors oversee a group of representatives. If a customer call is escalated, the  supervisor will handle the issue. Call center supervisors can typically be found on the call floor, assisting and coaching representatives as needed. Call center supervisors typically report into a call center manager.

Call center managers are responsible for managing the call center and its performance. The manager establishes goals and key performance indicators, monitors progress, creates training guidelines and sets the standard for how the call center operates. While call center supervisors report directly to the call center manager, all call center employees technically work under the manager.