CPS Strong

group picture of CPS students

CPS students graduate from UC – leading the university and the city into a new era of innovation and impact.

    -CPS Strong Vision 


CPS Strong is a partnership across UC, Cincinnati Public Schools, and the broader community to support readiness, create access, and foster success for CPS students by aligning and co-designing programs and services in order to facilitate a more robust, system-wide ecosystem of support, with the student at the center.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Support CPS-UC Students to graduate successfully from UC.

  • Increase graduation rates and close graduation gaps of CPS-UC Students
  • Increase Cincinnati-based career outcomes of CPS-UC graduates
  • Increase alumni engagement of CPS-UC graduates

Goal 2: Support CPS students through readiness for and access to UC.

  • Increase college readiness of CPS students involved in UC partnership programs
  • Increase good-fit college access to CPS students entering into UC

Our Commitments

  • University-wide READINESS programming 
  • Informed ACCESS to college 
  • Increase SUCCESS or students
  • Improve college AFFORDABILITY  
cps strong strategy infographic

Our Next Steps

1. Facilitate greater coordination

  • Coordination Hub & Staff

2. Increase success supports

  • Success Coaches
  • Social Worker
  • Barrier Reduction (emergency relief, food pantry, loaner laptops)

3. Develop coordinated and aligned access systems

  • Bearcats Tracker App
  • UCBA Admissions for CPS graduates (transportation, Open House,                 Admitted Student Day )

4. Expand impactful UC readiness programming

  • Breakthrough Cincinnati @ UC
  • UC Scholars Academy

Coordination Hub

Outline for readiness, access, and success for the CPS strategy