DEI Toolkit

The DEI Toolkit is designed to not only reinforce or introduce participants to key terms and concepts but more importantly, it is designed to allow participants to look at diversity and inclusion on UC’s campus from the perspective of our students.  As a facilitated experience, all the eight topics covered in the toolkit are real.  They are based on critical incident research in which qualitative data were used to develop scripts and subsequently video reenactments of experiences our students had with faculty or other students on or near campus.

The research and creation of the toolkit was supported by a grant from the Office of Equity and Inclusion and Community Impact and the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CET&L).  The research was conducted by members of Dr. Donna Chrobot-Mason’s lab, the Center for Organizational Leadership.  The videos were produced and edited by CCM’s media center and students in Kevin Burke and Donald Hancock’s courses.  Actors were hired from our very own CCM acting students.   

The DEI toolkit is designed with flexibility in mind.  To best meet the needs of our university community, we have developed several options from which to select:  a 60-minute session, a 90-minute session, a 2-hour session, and a modular session to review each topic independently. 

We are striving to ensure members of our university community have a sense of belonging, are enhancing their cultural competence, are using their personal power to impact positive change, and are owning their actions and decisions.  As a result, we're encouraging members of our community to adopt inclusive practices that create an atmosphere of respect, support, and accountability.  The DEI Toolkit will enhance the knowledge and skills of our community to make this a reality.

To learn more about the DEI Toolkit and schedule a training, please review the promotional video and complete the form below.