International Strategic Partnerships

UC International's ambition is to provide our students and faculty with outstanding experiences through exchange programs, collaborative research, and global engagement.

We work with our community connections, key partners, and global strategy groups to identify worldwide opportunities for international innovation and institutional growth.

Regional Strategy Groups

UC International's strategy groups assist us as we strive to research and identify how best to achieve our international objectives by being more deliberative and focused about our international partnerships; our allocation of both human and financial resources to support international engagement; and the enrichment of the partnership experience. These groups are helping us determine optimal partners university-wide, not just for a specific program or college.

  • Lee Armstrong - Director for International Programs, Lindner College of Business
  • Alfonso Cornejo - President, Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA
  • Brian Earl - Associate Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Anne Sheridan Fugard - Executive Director, Study Abroad
  • Ana Hincapie - Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice & Administrative Sciences
  • Moises Huaman - Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
  • Juan Antonio Islas Munoz - Head of Transportation Design
  • C. Catherine Losada - Associate Professor of Music Theory
  • David Madrid - Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Gregory Marinic - Associate Professor of Architecture
  • Michael Odio - Assistant Professor of Sport Administration
  • Cora Ogle - Research Professor Emerita of Surgery Research
  • Matthew Paul - Assistant Director, Study Abroad
  • Eugene Rutz  Director Academic, CEAS
  • Charles Schwartz - Associate Director, International Admissions
  • Patricia Valladares-Ruiz - Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Nora Wagner - Assistant Dean for International Studies Programs and Dean, LLM Program, College of Law
  • Angie Woods - Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Kate York - Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Peter Chamberlain - Associate Professor of Industrial Design
  • Hong Cheng - Global Services Librarian
  • Neil Choudhury - Assistant Director Academic, University Honors Program
  • Crystal Craycraft - Assistant Director, Study Abroad
  • Keshar Ghimire - Assistant Professor of Business and Economics
  • Thomas Herrmann - Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Gergana Ivanova – Interim Director of Asian Studies
  • Michelle Johns - Academic Director for International Programs, Lindner College of Business
  • Minjin Kim - Assistant Professor of Nursing    
  • Dong-Gil Ko - Associate Professor of Operations & Business Analytics
  • Robert Lees - Community Adviser
  • Alex Lin - Associate Professor of Pharmacy & Administrative Sciences
  • Maria Mallory - Admissions Counselor, International Admissions    
  • Oxana Prokhorova - Director of Global Engagement, CEAS
  • Dong-shin Shin - Assistant Professor of Literacy and Second Language Studies
  • Jill Shirokawa - Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • George Vredeveld - Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance & Risk Management
  • Nora Wagner - Assistant Dean for International Studies Programs and Dean, LLM Program, College of Law
  • Jason Chambers - Assistant Director, International Admissions
  • Leo Chan - Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  • Felix Chang - Professor of Law and Co-Director, Corporate Law Center
  • Hong Cheng - Global Services Librarian
  • Daniel Durbin - Professor Emeritus of Civil & Architectural Engineering, Construction Management
  • Jeff Guo - Professor of Pharmacy Practice & Administrative Sciences
  • Thomas Herrmann - Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Shaorong Huang - Professor English & Communication
  • Thomas Huston - Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Engineering
  • Oxana Prokhorova - Director of Global Engagement, CEAS
  • Matthew Rota - Assistant Dean for Technology, Nursing
  • Rob Rude - Assistant Professor of Sports Administration
  • Kurt Sassmannshaus - Professor of Violin, Cohen Chair in Classical Violin
  • Thomas Stevenson-Shannon - Assistant Director, Study Abroad
  • Mei Tang - Professor of Counseling
  • Xinhao Wang - Professor of Planning
  • Xuemao Wang - Vice Provost of Digital Scholarship, Dean and University Librarian
  • Jon Weller - Director, International Admissions
  • Yan Yu - Professor of Operations & Business Analytics
  • Victoria Appatova - Professor of Reading
  • Jody Ballah - Associate Professor of French
  • Hong Cheng - Global Services Librarian      
  • Connie Cooper - Professor Emerita of Accounting
  • Theresa Culley - Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Chuck Doarn - Research Professor of Family & Community Medicine, Director of Telemedicine
  • Yonatan Eyal - Director of Graduate Studies, Graduate School
  • Anne-Marie Jézéquel - Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures
  • Bene Khoury - Educational Adviser, Study Abroad
  • Conrad Kickert - Assistant Professor of Planning
  • Françoise Knox-Kazimierczuk - Assistant Professor of Nutrition
  • Maria Mallory - Admissions Counselor, International Admissions     
  • Ryan Meyer - Associate Director, Study Abroad
  • Natalia Mintchik - Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Gjoko Muratovski - Endowed Chair & Director, School of Design
  • Oxana Prokhorova - Director of Global Engagement, CEAS
  • Sunnie Rucker-Chang - Assistant Professor of Slavic, Director of European Studies
  • Charlie Schwartz - Associate Director, International Admissions    
  • Todd Schwartz - Executive Director, European American Chamber of Commerce
  • Paula Smith - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Bob Stevie - Community Adviser; Past President, Cincinnati U.S.A. Sister Cities Association
  • Michèle Vialet - Professor of French & Francophone Literatures
  • Nora Wagner - Assistant Dean for International Studies Programs and Dean, LLM Program, College of Law
  • Georg Weber - Associate Professor of Pharmacy
  • Rashmi Adaval - Professor of Marketing
  • Pankaj Desai - Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Stefan Fiol - Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • Krutarth Jain - Community Advisor, Indian American Chamber of Commerce
  • Laura Jenkins - Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Milind Jog - Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Aarati Kanekar - Associate Professor of Architecture
  • Andala Khan - Assistant Professor of Health Informatics     
  • Rita Kumar - Faculty Enrichment Center—Executive Director
  • Ganesh Malla - Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Shailaja Paik - Associate Professor of History
  • Piyush Swami - Professor Emeritus of Education
  • Nora Wagner - Assistant Dean for International Studies Programs and Dean, LLM Program, College of Law
  • Jon Weller - Director, International Admissions
  • Rina Williams - Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Jagjit Yadav - Faculty, Environmental Health
  • Hassane Amlal - Research Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Hong Cheng - Global Services Librarian
  • David Edelman - Director, Master of Community Planning program
  • Mohammed Elwakil - Assistant Professor of Computer Science   
  • Hazem Elzarka - Professor of Construction Management
  • Anne Sheridan Fugard - Executive Director, Study Abroad
  • Robert Haug - Assistant Professor of History
  • Holly Johnson - Professor of Language, Literature, & Learning
  • Ralph Katerberg - Professor Emeritus, Department of Management
  • Megan Lindle - International Admissions Officer
  • Scott Linford - Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
  • Angela Livengood - Educational Advisor, UC International - Programs         
  • Olivier Parent - Professor of Economics
  • Mark Raider - Professor of History
  • Bob Stevie - Community adviser; Past President, Cincinnati USA Sister Cities Association
  • Nora Wagner - Assistant Dean for International Studies Programs and Dean, LLM Program, College of Law
  • Karla Washington - Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Vanessa Allen-Brown - Associate Professor of Education
  • Ibrahim Amidou - Adjunct Associate Professor of French
  • Charles Appeadu - Associate Professor of Finance
  • Kathy Burlew - Professor Emerita of Psychology
  • Neil Choudhury - Assistant Director Academic, University Honors Program
  • Jordan Crabbe - Assistant Professor of Math Physics & Computer Sciences
  • Lynn Dowden - Educational Advisor, UC International - Programs
  • Prince Ellis - Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Jan Fritz - Professor of Planning
  • Yonas Gizaw - Community Adviser; APNet, P&G
  • Hanan Kerr - Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Cedrick Kwuimy - Assistant Professor-Educator of Engineering Education
  • Bert Lockwood - Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Director, Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights
  • Lizzie Ngwenya-Scoburgh - Associate Professor of Business & Economics
  • Nick Paddock Senior Admissions Counselor, International Admissions    
  • Charles Schubert - Director, Global Child Health
  • Joseph Takougang - Professor of Africana Studies
  • Kate York - Director of Global Health Nursing

Strategic Partner Institutions

Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), located near the main transportation center in China's capital city of Beijing, is one of the oldest universities in China.

The Botswana International University of Science & Technology (BIUST) is a government-supported institution established as a research-intensive university.

Chiba University is a national university located in Chiba Prefecture of Japan, an area noted for its industrial, intellectual, and international achievements.

UC’s partnership with Chongqing University has brought about the creation of the Joint Co-op Institute, placing CQU as the first institution in China to adopt the cooperative education model – founded at the University of Cincinnati in 1906. 

Christ (Deemed to Be) University is a highly-ranked private, comprehensive university in Bangalore.

Future University in Egypt is one of the newest and most promising private universities in Egypt. Located in the heart of New Cairo, FUE aspires to be an internationally recognized university, a university well known for excellence in teaching, research and service.

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ), located in Bogotá, Colombia, is a research-based university, the first to be granted institutional accreditation by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is a public French university located in the heart of Montreal, Canada, with a focus on social issues and research.

The Université Internationale Casablanca (UIC) in Morocco was founded in 2010. It has since flourished into a top-ranked private university.

The University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr) is an alliance of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, TU Dortmund University and the University of Duisburg-Essen. UA Ruhr represents one of the largest and high-performing research locations in Germany.

The University of Bordeaux (UBx), which was founded in 1441, is ranked among the top French universities. UBx shares UC’s priorities of global engagement, diversity, collaboration, discovery, innovation and professional orientation.

Founded in 1962, the University of Cape Coast originally held a special relationship with the University of Ghana, Legon until 1971, when it became a fully independent university.

Founded in 1669, the University of Zagreb is the oldest and largest university in South-Eastern Europe. The University contributes more than half of the annual research output in Croatia and boasts more scientific productivity than any other Croatian university.