Using iBearcatsGlobal eForms for UC Departments

Any international visitor, employee or student at the University of Cincinnati must be added to the iBearcatsGlobal database.

We recommend that departments identify a staff member who will submit all eForm requests on their behalf. After you gain access to iBearcatsGlobal, you will be able to

Gaining Access

  1. Go to the iBearcatsGlobal webpage.
  2. Click on "Administrative Services for University Departments."
  3. Click on "Departmental Access Request" and fill out the required information.
  4. You will receive email confirmation once your access is granted.

Creating a UCID Number for an eForm Submission

In order to submit an eForm request, international visitors must have a UCID number and a record in UC International's iBearcatsGlobal database.

In general, international visitors fall into one of three groups in iBearcatGlobal. For each group, there is a different way to generate a UCID number and to get the visitor entered into iBearcatGlobal. 

  1. those working for or being paid by the University; (2) 
  2. those collaborating with, but who are not being paid by, the University; and (3) 
  3. those enrolled for classes. 

Group 1 includes E-3, H-1B, J-1, TN, O-1 and other visitors who will be paid by UC.

Enter the visitor into UCFlex prior to submitting an eForm request. After a UCID number is created, add the individual to iBearcatGlobal using the “Add New Person” eForm.

Group 2 is for visitors who will NOT be paid by UC.

  • This is most typically J-1 Exchange Visitors
  • These are individuals coming to participate in collaborative projects using personal funds, government scholarships, home institutional support, or other sponsorships. 
  • It also includes those being paid by affiliates such as Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

These individuals can have a UCID number generated in two ways, depending upon how the sponsoring department wants them classified and what access to university facilities and systems they want given.

  1.  in cases where the traditional hiring process is being followed, use UC Flex to create the UCID number.
    1. Using UC Flex will assign a University title to the individual and grant them access to things like BOL accounts, Blackboard, etc. 
    2. Add the individual to iBearcatGlobal using the “Add New Person” eForm. 
  2. In cases where UC titles and access to certain services are not desired, generate a UC ID number using the GETit "create identity" system
    1. When you create an ID using GETit, you will specify a "badge type" and "title." 
    2. The "title" should be "Visiting Scholar." 
    3. The "badge type" should say "Special Programs" if the visitor is coming to conduct research or engage in teaching. The "badge type" should be "Visiting Student" if the visitor is a graduate student overseas who is coming to UC to conduct research and will not be enrolled in classes. 
  3. Once a UCID number is generated, use the “Add New Person” eForm to add the individual to iBearcatGlobal.

Group 3 is students who will be enrolled at UC, including exchange students.

Degree students have an iBearcatGlobal record created upon application to UC.

Exchange students must have a Basic Data Form processed by the Registrar’s Office. The M number will be sent to iBearcatGlobal electronically within 24 hours, as long as the country of birth/citizenship fields are completed on the Basic Data Form.

Once a UCID has been created and the individual’s basic information is in iBearcatGlobal, the department can then submit the appropriate eForm.

In time-sensitive cases, the iBearcatGlobal record can be created using a system-generated “TEMP” ID.

When completing the “Add new Person” eForm, answer “No” to the question “do you have an institutional university ID for this new profile?”

You still need to generate a UCID number for the visitor. Send an email to with the UCID so the iBearcatGlobal record can be updated.

Creating an iBearcatsGlobal Record for Visitors

Once authorized as a user and the UCID has been generated for the visitor, departmental staff can

  1. go to the “Departmental Services” section of iBearcatsGlobal
  2. click on the plus (+) sign to expand the eForm options
  3. select the “Add New Person” link.

Submitting an eForm Request

Once you have obtained a UCID number and the individual’s basic information is in iBearcatGlobal, you are ready to submit an eForm request.

You have options to submit visa-specific eForms, including:

There is also an eForm called “Other Immigration Statuses” that can be used for any international visitor authorized to work in a status not listed above.