International Student Experiences

What is it like to be an international student at the University of Cincinnati?

Ask students who have come here!

Monica Bozalongo, Spain, Biochemistry

University of Cincinnati student Monica Bozalongo stands on the Brent Spence Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River.
One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was coming to the US by myself. It was a big step I wanted to take so I could grow as a person, be independent, and get out of my comfort zone.

Monica Bozalongo Biochemistry, 2024

Sagar Tiwari, India, Mechanical Engineering

Closeup of a young man wearing red and black and a reversed baseball cap with "I [heart] UC" painted on his face.
Coming to UC was the most important decision of my life. I didn’t expect much and just came with here with a hope to get a degree + [work] full time upon graduation. However, this place has taught me things I never imagined to know/experience. For me, meeting different people has been the key driver to the UC experience which won’t be possible back home. People who inspire me to put my best self out there and hustle for the next big thing.

Sagar Tiwari Mechanical Engineering 2021

Victor Adewopo, Nigeria, Information Technology

A young man in a Google sweatshirt and stylish sunglasses stands on a lawn and smiles at the camera.
[My luckiest experience?] Getting admission to University of Cincinnati. … Faculty members here at UC are well diversified into different research areas, and I have been able to learn from different professors while working as a Teaching Assistant.

Victor Adewopo Information Technology, 2021

Xinyi Huang, China, Criminal Justice

An international group of mostly Chinese students poses on the statue of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat mascot.
I was born and raised in China and have stayed there for 17 years before moving to Cincinnati for college. Moving to another continent that I had never visited was a tough decision to make. But I’m glad I chose to walk out of my comfort zone at that time. I hope I can always embrace any adventure that is going to pop up in my life.

Xinyi Huang Criminal Justice master’s program, 2021

Duc Nguyen, Vietnam, International Business

A young Vietnamese man in a plaid shirt looks off to the distance in front of the glass Lindner College of Business building on the University of Cincinnati campus.
I would say my study abroad experience has taught me a lot about how to be independent. My life will not be the same without coming to the U.S.

Duc Nguyen International Business, 2023

Ana Maria Echeverria Jimenez, Guatemala, Fashion Design

A young woman with blue hair and a tied blue shirt and sunglasses leans forward into the camera, smiling confidently.
Before college I would say I was really shy but going to UC has really helped me come out of my shell and I'm much more independent now.

Ana Maria Echeverría Jiménez Fashion Design, 2023

Mariangel Betancourt, Venezuela, Information Systems and Entrepreneurship

A young woman in a sweatshirt stands in a field, clutching a box labeled "Marianne" in her arms and smiling.
Reflecting on my first year at UC, the amount that I have professionally and personally grown is immense. I have found a place where I belong and I can't wait to keep accomplishing my goals and learning.

Mariangel Betancourt Information Systems + Entrepreneurship, 2023

Samuel Thomas, United Arab Emirates, Accounting

A smiling young man stands on a Delta airplane, straightening his blazer.
Moving to United States was by far the hardest thing I had to do in my life. I grew up in Dubai and spent almost 18 years in that place, and leaving everything and everyone I know behind and move to an entirely new country was scary. Though I miss my family every day, UC and Cincinnati have become my supporting family and home. Looking back, I would definitely say it is one of the best decision I've ever taken.

Samuel Thomas Accounting, Fall 2020

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