Getting Started with News

All news stories submitted and displayed on the UC News system are entered through Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) which is also the Content Management System (CMS) for UC websites. 

Requesting Access

Individuals in need of access to the UC news system can fill out the form to request access. Please note that in order to proceed with access to AEM or News, you will need to complete your annual EIT (Electronic Information Technology) Training

How it Works


After being granted access to the system, news authors create individual stories in the news system and populate with their content. This training will walk you through how to create and submit a story. 


Once a news author has completed a story, they will submit it to their designated news approver. The news approver will provide feedback if necessary on style and accessibility guidelines. After changes have been completed, the news story will be published. Your news approver will be assigned to you when your access is granted.