Social Media Ambassador Program

A view of Tangeman University Center with a crowd of people on Mainstreet.

University of Cincinnati Social Media Ambassadors are a selected group of students who help create content for the university. They are passionate about UC and want to share experiences through photos, videos, TikToks, Instagram Stories, and more.

Through the program, University of Cincinnati Social Media Ambassadors have the opportunity to develop professional skills, gain experience behind and on camera, create quality content, and receive mentorship. Being involved with the program is a great way to build practical skills for resumes and obtain referrals and letters of recommendation.

After successfully completing requirements, social media ambassadors will receive $500 at the end of their semester term.

Social Media Ambassador Program application

Are you a passionate Bearcat who loves creating content? Do you want hands-on experience working in social media? 

The University of Cincinnati Social Media Ambassador program is a fun and unique opportunity for students to gain professional social media experience before graduating. Ambassadors will report to the university’s social media manager and work within a team to create and curate engaging and relevant content for the @uofcincy social media accounts.


Show an authentic glimpse at UC experiences to expand the university’s reach, recruit new students, and build the brand in relevant and creative ways.


  • Must be a current University of Cincinnati student
  • Active on one or more social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc...) 
  • Skilled in digital content creation
  • Involved with campus life and passionate about University of Cincinnati 
  • Have a strong work ethic (dependable, reliable, team player, willingness to learn)

Key responsibilities

  • Dedicate 3-5 hours a week on content creation (some assignments may involve attendance at university events and may occur during nights/weekends)
  • Keep a pulse on happenings around campus and opportunities for social media
  • Complete assigned projects (photography, TikToks, Reels, videos, etc)
  • Participate in brainstorm activities with the Marketing and Communications Department and provide creative, relevant content ideas
  • Uphold brand guidelines and UC’s reputation 
  • Research industry best practices


  • Resume building experience that can be shared with potential employers 
  • Increase connections with people the University of Cincinnati network
  • Hands on experience with content creation and social media strategy 
  • $500 if completed