Supporting our Trans Community

Trans Pride flag

Dear LGBTQ+ FSA Members,

The ongoing threat to trans people across the country has hit home especially hard this past week with the murder of Riah Milton. Amid several public health crises, the targeting of trans people, especially Black trans women, continues to devastate our communities. The LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Association board sends our love and condolences to the family of Ms. Milton and thoughts to anyone in our community who is affected by this latest attack. While there have been reports in local and national media that Ms. Milton was a former UC student, our Dean of Students, Dr. Juan Guardia has confirmed that there is no record of Ms. Milton attending our institution. This, however, does not change the fact that her murder has our community worried about the safety and protection of our trans members.

As the board of the LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Association we are writing this not just to share in our community’s concerns and to express solidarity, but to let you know about the protections and resources available to trans employees and students at UC. Title IX protects students against discrimination and harassment based on gender identity while UC Policy 11-01 “Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunities” ensures similar protections for employees (furthermore, Title VII, as of last week, ensures federal employment protections based on gender identity). We also want to point you to our LGBTQ+ FSA page in Bearcats Landing, which contains a list of community resources, should you need them.

As outlined in our bylaws, the LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Association works to “advocate, provide support opportunities, and create a safe and secure professional environment for LGBTQ faculty and staff at the University of Cincinnati.” If you have any concerns regarding the protections of our LGBTQ+ faculty and staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also would like to take this opportunity and encourage you to extend your support to your students, whether they identify as transgender/gender nonconforming or not. The murder of Ms. Milton undoubtedly has many people concerned about the safety and support of our community. Sharing thoughts of solidarity as well as resources related to gender identity, can go a long way. If you choose to do so, here are some campus and community resources you can include:

  • Title IX (federal policy protecting students based on gender and gender identity)
  • LGBTQ Center (UC’s main support for LGBTQ+ students; page includes list of campus resources)
  • Equitas Trans Health (health care services designed for trans people)
  • (advocacy and support network for trans people in Ohio)
  • (national organization providing homecooked meals to Black trans people)

Especially for allies:

We want to reiterate that an important part of our mission as an FSA is to support and advocate for our community. If you have suggestions as to how we can further this mission, please email us at


University of Cincinnati LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Association Executive Board