eRPT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Special thanks to Sarah Cummins-Sebree from UCBA for drafting the below!

You should notify your college administrator (refer to the Contact Listing) when you plan to submit a request for reappointment, promotion and/or tenure in order to have your dossier activated.

Candidates can access the system online at using their 6+2 and Central Login Credentials. The system is accessible from both Macs and PCs and common web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome).

Forward the correct information to your college administrator (refer to the Contact Listing) for updating.

Anyone who is a part of the eRPT process for your review, including:

  • Candidate
  • Unit Head
  • Department RPT Committee
  • College RPT Committee
  • College Dean
  • Provost
  • College Administrator

The Dean, Department, and College RPT Committees will not be able to view your dossier until their review period.

The eRPT folders reflect the sections of the RPT criteria that candidates can use to organize the previous print versions of the dossier. These are optional folders and multiple documents can be uploaded into each folder.

No, although most folders will require some documentation based on your Unit’s specific RPT Criteria. You should include documents in the areas that are required for you to meet the criteria for reappointment, promotion and/or tenure. Refer to Provost and department guidelines (Unit RPT Criteria).

Most folders have a maximum limit of 25 documents. Combine documents into a single PDF when necessary. There is a 200 MB limit for each document.

Any file type can be uploaded, including images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. Keep in mind that some files may require specific software in order to be opened and viewed by reviewers. Consider converting files from specific software formats to PDF so reviewers can open and view without additional software requirements.

Creating PDF documents will vary based on the software and equipment available to you in your office workspace. There are several options available including:

  • scan documents using a scanner or copier
  • "Save As" PDF option
  • print to PDF
  • converting documents to PDF format (see

Check with your colleagues (or UCIT) in your office workspace to identify available equipment/software.

Yes. Be aware of any special equipment/software requirements that reviewers may need in order to access media files.

Yes, hyperlinks can be included in any file. Be sure to check for broken/misdirected links.

No. You cannot edit documents within the eRPT system. You can upload, rename and delete documents. If you need to edit a file, you must edit it outside of the system and then upload the latest version. Be sure to delete the outdated version of the file.

Candidates can see each step and response in the review process. Each time a Letter of Recommendation is added to the dossier, the system generates an email to the candidate.

Each level of review will receive an automated email when it is time to view a candidate’s dossier.

When uploading a letter to a candidate’s dossier, the 6+2 and Central Login Credentials will suffice for a signature.

Yes. Once your dossier has been activated, you can add and remove items as often as you'd like. After you've officially submitted your dossier for review you can add additional items using the Other folder. You will need to contact your College Administrator (refer to the Contact Listing) to add documents after you've officially submitted your dossier.

Instructions on how to download your dossier can be found here [original link path: /content/dam/uc/provost/docs/academicpersonnel/a-z/How%20to%20download%20your%20completed%20dossier.pdf]

Yes. Candidates currently need to request access to their archived dossier by contacting Jourdan Powers ( Dossiers will be archived up to 6 years after your career ends at UC.