Public Safety

Residence Hall Safety

As students recently moved into residence halls, many for the first time, it is important for students to think about resident hall safety. Taking basic security measures can help students feel comfortable in their new home.

University of Cincinnati Police Division Lt. Dave Hoffman suggests that students lock their doors and windows when they are not in their rooms. He also warns against propping doors open, especially when leaving the room unattended. It is easy for someone to slip into a room and take something. Many thefts involve valuables the owner left unattended, so Hoffman stresses that students always keep an eye on their things, or have them in a locked area.

In addition, Hoffman recommends students communicate with their roommates, whether it is about keeping the door locked, keeping valuable items locked up or having a room policy on guests.

UCPD Investigator Jen McMahon advises students to stay alert at all times.

"Always be aware of your surroundings,"€ she said. "Make sure that no one is following you into the building or is behind you after you swipe into your resident hall."

Both recommend that students report anything odd to UCPD.

In addition, it is important for students to know what to do in case of a fire or a severe weather. Students should be prepared for both of these occurrences and be familiar with their residence halls procedures. It is not uncommon for a hall to have an unexpected fire drill. UC Public Safety recommends always being prepared for these occurrences by having a set of clothes and a comfortable pair of shoes that you can easily put on. Students should always lock their door and bring their keys and Bearcat ID with them during fire drills.

The University of Cincinnati Housing Department includes a page on their site for parents with an FAQ on safety in the residence halls. This page also includes all necessary resources for moving in and living in the residence halls.

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