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Ensuring the University’s Mission 

Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Management and Business Continuity supports an enterprise-wide planning and preparedness effort with the goal of ensuring the university is capable of continuing its primary mission and maintaining its essential functions using an all-hazards approach across a spectrum of emergencies.

What is Continuity Planning?

Continuity planning is an ongoing, coordinated program of strategies, plans and procedures that provides the ability to maintain critical operations and services in the face of a disruptive event. 

A more technical definition found in the NFPA 1600 standard (2013), states that business continuity is "an ongoing process to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to identify the impacts of potential losses and maintain viable recovery strategies, recovery plans and continuity of services."

Continuity planning efforts at UC include the following:

  • Business Continuity – involving administrative functions
  • Academic Continuity – involving teaching functions
  • Research Continuity – involving scientific and/or medical research typically performed in a lab

Together, these continuity planning efforts are termed business continuity planning or just continuity planning.

The continuity plan contains detailed recovery strategies based on three generic loss scenarios: loss of location, loss of staff and loss of one or more key resources. Additionally, it includes details on required resources, action items, operational procedures, key contact information, succession planning, dependencies and other vital information necessary to maintain critical functions.   

Ideally, the plan is completed and regularly updated and exercised, thus preparing the organization to effectively reconstitute critical functions and maintain operations with minimal downtime.

Continuity Planning at UC

Continuity planning is conducted at UC under the guidance of Public Safety’s Emergency Management Director Ed Dadosky and the Business Continuity Manager Pam Bowers. Details on how to get started is posted in the FAQ section.

Pandemic Planning

Due to the current circumstances presented by COVID-19, it is necessary to pivot continuity planning efforts to address this unique situation. Remember, it is not too late to develop a plan for your office, department, or college. In fact, due to the serious nature of this crisis, planning should be considered necessary for all critical departments. A list of critical departments and administrative units are listed in the FAQ section. These units should have an updated plan.

Headshot of Pam Bowers

Pam Bowers

Manager of Business Continuity Planning