Registration Information for Faculty

This page gives basic information about registration as it pertains to faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

The Link Between Canvas and Catalyst

Canvas is a teaching tool that faculty are able to use. Catalyst is the system of record that maintains official registration information about students.

Canvas is able to pull information from Catalyst to provide class rosters, however, the information is not in "real time". Because of this, Canvas is not the most accurate way to view your class roster. Instructions for viewing your class roster via Catalyst can be found on the Catalyst Faculty Resources page. Catalyst class rosters show "real time" registrations.

Many faculty have figured out a way to "add" students to their Canvas pages. Please note that this does not add the student to Catalyst. Students will always have to officially register via Catalyst in order for them to show up on the final grade roster at the end of the semester.

How Students Add, Drop, Swap, and Withdraw

Whenever possible, students should be making changes to their schedule via Catalyst. There is functionality in Catalyst that allows for staff members to grant permissions to students in certain circumstances. Each college has their own policy for obtaining approval from faculty for these permissions that is available to students. Please make sure that you review this policy and are aware of the person (or people) who may process permissions for your class(es).

More information about registration transactions can be found in the Registration How to Guide.

Please note: As of January, 2018, One Stop no longer processes Add/Drop Forms, and all Add/Drop Forms are sent to If a registration transaction can be handled by granting a permission in Catalyst, the student will be directed to obtain one instead of submitting an Add/Drop Form since Add/Drop Forms are not a substitute for the permissions process.

The Importance of Checking Your Class Roster

As stated above, checking your Catalyst class roster is the most accurate way to check who is enrolled in your class. It is imperative that you verify your roster at the beginning of the semester before the 100% refund deadline (as indicated in the Dates and Deadlines Calendars). This ensures that all students are registered and that they are registered for the correct amount of credit hours.

Doing this simple step at the beginning of the semester can save a lot of frustration when it comes time to turn in grades at the end of the semester. This is because adding classes and changing credits is easy during the 100% refund period, but during the grading period, it can be a hassle to add students to classes—especially if they are a graduate student needing the approval of the Graduate School.

Information on viewing your Catalyst class roster can be found on the Catalyst Faculty Resources page.

Wait List Information

Students have the option to wait list up to nine credit hours of classes. As seats open up, a process called the wait list engine places students into the open seats. You may want to check out the Wait List Procedures and Wait List Frequently Asked Questions pages to see what information is available to students.

Faculty are able to see who is on their wait list by viewing their class roster and changing the Enrollment Status drop–down menu from "Enrolled" to "Waiting".

Course Requisite Issues

If you notice that you have to override requisites for a lot of your students, it might be time to rethink the requisites that are on your class.

You will need to put in a request for an update to the course through eCurriculum. This change will not affect current term registration, but it should update for the next time the course is ordered. You will want to work with the person who orders your classes to ensure the course gets updated appropriately. In the long run, it will save a lot of extra work for you, your staff, and the students.