Class Permissions

This page is the go-to location for class permissions information for staff.

Permissions Defined

Closed Class: Allows the student to enroll in a specific section that is closed.

Requisites Not Met: Allows the student to enroll in a specific section when they do not meet the requisites. (Requisites might include: courses completed with a specific grade; a specific CPP stack; or a specific academic level such as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Pre-Junior, Senior.)

Consent Required: Allows the student to enroll in a specific section if it requires either Department or Instructor Consent.

Career Restriction: Not currently being used by UC. Checking this will not override anything.

Permission Time Period: Allows the student to register online after open enrollment has ended. This goes with the dates listed under Late Registration Transactions for each session on the Working Calendars.

Remember: Make sure that you have checked only the boxes that are needed next to the student's information in Catalyst for the section they are trying to add.

Class Permissions Training

We have worked with the Staff Success Center to create online training for Class Permissions. You will need to have completed this training before you will be given access to the Class Permissions screen in Catalyst. If you would like a refresher on Class Permissions, you are also more than welcome to take this class.

Here is how you can access the training:

  1. Log in to Success Factors, and select Learning from the drop–down menu in the upper left–hand side of the screen.
  2. Navigate to the Find Learning tile, and search for "CATALYST RECORDS AND ENROLLMENT: Class Permissions".
  3. Click on the hyperlink for the class, and click the red Start Course button when the screen loads.

Notifying Students

Typically, most colleges choose to email students from UC email accounts. However, it is also possible to send a notification to students while on the Class Permissions page.