Ohio Baccalaureate Graduate and Professional Degree Students Rate

University of Cincinnati and the Ohio Department of Higher Education have initiated a new tuition policy applicable to certain students pursuing a graduate or professional degree program at University of Cincinnati. 

Ohio Baccalaureate Rate

For Graduate, Law (JD), Pharmacy (PharmD), and Medicine (MD) programs, the Ohio Baccalaureate Rate is the Ohio in-state tuition rate.


Effective with students enrolled for Fall Semester 2020 you may be eligible for this program, if you meet all of the following conditions

  • You have previously earned a baccalaureate degree from an Ohio institution of higher learning; and
  • You are pursuing a UC graduate degree or graduate certificate program and/or a UC professional degree program; and
  • You have established an Ohio residence/living domicile by the first day of the requested semester.

Graduate non–matriculated students are eligible for the tuition rate under this policy.

This policy is not retroactive; therefore, tuition/fees, bill adjustments, and refunds will not be made retroactively for students who were enrolled only in semesters prior to Fall Semester 2020.


Students With Non–Baccalaureate Degrees Earned in Ohio

UC graduate and professional students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from an institution of higher education outside of the State of Ohio are not eligible for the tuition benefit under this policy.

Only Ohio institution baccalaureate degrees are eligible under this policy, not “higher” earned Ohio degrees without an Ohio–earned baccalaureate. Example: If you earned both a University of Michigan baccalaureate and a Kent State master’s degree, you are not eligible for the in-state tuition benefit under this policy because your baccalaureate is not from an Ohio institution.

Undergraduate Students

UC students pursuing only an undergraduate degree or certificate program, or who are non–matriculated as an undergraduate, are not eligible for the tuition benefit under this policy.

F1 and J1 Visa Holders

F1/J1 Visa holders are not eligible for the tuition benefit under this policy.


If you believe that you are eligible for the Ohio Baccalaureate Graduate and Professionals Rate for your program under this policy, please complete the Request for Review below.