Class Schedule Builder

Class Schedule Builder is a way for students to visually build their schedules and placing them in their Enrollment Shopping Cart. It is an alternate way to viewing classes in Catalyst.

What is Class Schedule Builder?

Class Schedule Builder is a Catalyst Student Portal tool to help students plan their semester by selecting an optimal class schedule based on their academic and personal needs. The tool allows for the selection of several courses within a term and displays the many class scheduling options based on each section's class meeting information. The generated results will provide scheduling options that are conflict free.

You can add filters, add preferences, and make class section selections that narrow the hundred or thousands of possible class schedules to that one optimal class schedule. You will then send that selected class schedule to your Catalyst Enrollment Shopping cart. Because Class Schedule Builder cannot directly register you for classes, you must navigate to the Enrollment Shopping Cart in Catalyst to enroll in the classes you have selected.

How Do I Find Class Schedule Builder?

  • Log in to Catalyst
  • Click the My Academics tile
  • Open the Classes and Schedule navigation menu
  • Click Class Schedule Builder

Can I Use Class Schedule Builder If I'm Not a Student?

Yes, you can. You will want to go directly to Class Schedule Builder from this page. However, you will not be able to save your schedule or bring it into an Enrollment Shopping Cart from this link. UC students should make sure to access Class Schedule Builder via Catalyst for this reason.

Who Can Create a Schedule?

Students can easily create the most optimal schedule by using this interactive tool. They may also work with their advisor.

Is the Tool Accessible?

Students needing visual assistance can access all features of Class Schedule Builder by clicking on the Increase Accessibility icon (it looks like an eye with lines) at any time, rendering all features accessible via a screen reader.

How Do I Create A Class Schedule?

  1. Log in to Catalyst, click the My Academics tile, then Classes and Schedule, and finally, Class Schedule Builder.
  2. On the resulting Welcome Page under Select Courses on the left of the page, select the term for which you are building your class schedule.
  3. Filter by Campus by selecting one ore more campuses.
  4. Filter by Instruction Mode by selecting one or more instruction modes.
  5. Use the Select Course box to enter courses by course number, course title, keyword within the title, or instructor. As you type, Class Schedule Builder will offer course selection options based on the information you are typing.
  6. Click the Course you wish to add. The course will appear in a list below the Select Course box, and that course box can be expanded to see the offered class sections, the course prerequisites, the course description, and any course notes. Click Show More to expand the box, revealing more course detail.
  7. Repeat Steps 1 - 6 as needed to search for and select all of the classes for which you would like to register for that term.

Tip 1: You can toggle class sections within the course box on and off to see how they affect your schedule, using the check box adjacent to each class section listing. This feature lets you consider different potential schedules.

Tip 2: If you decide that you do not want one of these courses, you can remove it from the list by clicking the X adjacent to the course title.

Tip 3: Once you have added classes to your Catalyst shopping cart, if you return to class scheduler and click the course box X, that course automatically will be removed from your shopping cart.

Tip 4: Unchecking class section boxes will remove those class sections from the results.

Reviewing the Possible Class Schedules

Once you have completed your course selection, you can start viewing schedule options on the right–hand side of the screen.

You will see that the selected course appears in the Results panel. The Results panel displays all schedule options in a list with detailed information as well as in a graphical timetable view, so you can make the most informed decision about which schedule you want.

In the Results panel course listing you will see course information in the colored box for the specific section you are viewing:

  • Course Number
  • Course Title
  • Class Section Meeting Days and Times
  • Term Dates
  • Session

And information for the each class section in the white field below the blue box course information:

  • Open, Closed, Wait Listed, or Reserved Status
  • Class Section
  • 5–Digit Class Number for Registration 
  • Seats Used Out of Seats Available
  • Non Reserved Seats Available
  • Wait List Capacity (if available)
  • Campus
  • Instruction Mode
  • Offering College
  • Building and Room Assignment (if available)
  • Book(s) Required (click the book icon for more information)
  • Instructor(s)
  • Credit Hours
  • Notes (if any)
  • Classs Attributes

Time Constraints Blocking

What if you have some really specific time constraints like work or other commitments? Perhaps you work on Monday and Wednesday mornings. On the graphical timetable grid, click and drag to grey out and block out those times. Doing this will not remove any schedules, but will re–order the results so the ones that work best with your personal time constraints are at the top of the list.

Click the top left arrow to jump back to the beginning of the list. To remove a time block—if you don’t need it after all or it’s affecting your schedule in a way you didn’t anticipate—just click it.

Pinning Classes

When you find a particular section that you really want to keep, just click to pin it down; the list will eliminate any schedule options that don’t include your pinned course. You can also click to pin right on the time grid or in the list of courses. You will see a red push pin icon to show that the section has been pinned. Now when you sort through, the system will hold that class constant. Just click again anywhere in the colored section header or on the grid to un-pin.


Before registration begins, it is a good idea to build several schedules you are considering. Then, when registration opens, you will not need to start from scratch in building a class schedule.

Once you have a satisfactory class schedule identified, save it as a favorite, by clicking “Add to Favorites”. You can see that a preview image appears in the upper right, to let you know that you have a Favorite saved. You can come back later to find this schedule and check the availability of these courses. You can also pull up your favorites to compare them to your other options as you scroll through, to make sure you have found the best schedule to meet your needs.

Sending the Selected Class Schedule to Your Catalyst Shopping Cart

Once you have chosen the schedule you want, click Send Schedule to Shopping Cart. You may validate your shopping cart within the class schedule builder during any future use.

It is recommended that you enroll as soon as you can once your enrollment appointment day/time have arrived , because while the information on whether or not a course is full updates all the time, it is possible that a course which was not full when you were creating your timetable in Class Schedule Builder might be fully enrolled by the time you register.

Enrolled Classes

Once you are enrolled in classes for a given semester, your current class schedule will be preloaded in Class Schedule Builder and you will see them when you log in. From there, you can add and remove courses as you want, or you can start over.

Class Schedule Builder Tutorial Video

If watching a video tutorial is more your speed, please watch the UC Class Schedule Building Tutorial Video below. Because it is showing full screen shots of Class Schedule Builder, it is best viewed in full–screen mode.

Video link: