Explanation of Enrollment Errors and Messages

When registering for classes in Catalyst, you will either receive a green "success" check mark, a message, or an error. Below is a list of messages and errors as well as instructions for fixing these errors.

Make sure that you have typed in the correct five–digit class number.

If you withdrew from a class and are trying to re–enroll, you will need to follow the re–enroll directions found on the How to Guide.

There are currently no open seats available in this class. If possible, select another section. Alternatively, you may follow the Class Permissions Procedure for the college offering the class. Please note that this process does not guarantee a seat as it is up to the college whether or not they can accommodate overenrollment in a class.

Dropping this class would put you below the minimum required credit hours. If you are an international student, you will need to contact the International Studies office for approval. If you are not an international student, you will need to contact your advisor for assistance.

Either select another class or section, or follow the instructions for enrolling with a time conflict.

Double–check the requisites listed in the description section of the class information to see all of the requisites for this class. If you would like to request that these requirements be waived, follow the Class Permissions Procedure for that offering college.

Adding this class would exceed the maximum number of units allowed for this term. If this is your intention, your advisor will need to update your maximum credit hour limit. Additional fees will be assessed for hours over 18 for most colleges.

Either you do not have an early registration appointment and open enrollment has not yet started, or the open enrollment window has closed.

If open enrollment has not yet started, you will need to wait until that date to enroll.

If open enrollment has closed, follow the Class Permissions Procedure for the offering college to request a late registration.

There are several holds that prevent registration. Double–check your To Do items found on the Tasks tile in Catalyst. Information on the specific hold(s) on your account can be found there as well as instructions for getting the hold on your account released.

Components are the different instruction modes (e.g., LE for lecture, LB for lab, and SE for seminar). If a second component is available, select one and continue registering. If not, it is possible that the college hasn't completed ordering their classes. Please email reginfo@uc.edu, and we can help you research the issue.

This class requires either instructor or department consent. Follow the Class Permissions Procedures for approval to add via Catalyst.

Seats in this class are either reserved for a Learning Community or a specific group of students. If possible, select another section. Unused seats may be released close to the beginning of the term, but this isn't guaranteed.

In order to add a Flex Session class after the last date to enroll, follow the Flex Session registration instructions.

In order to withdraw from a Flex Session class after the last date to drop, follow the Flex Session registration instructions.

Email resid@uc.edu to check the status of your residency. Please note that you may be required to submit an application.