Wait List Frequently Asked Questions

When looking in the Schedule of Classes in Catalyst, make sure to uncheck the Show Open Classes Only box. Classes with an active wait list will show as a yellow triangle. You can see the number of wait list seats by clicking on the section number. In the Class Availability box, a Wait List Capacity and Wait List Total will display for classes that have a wait list set up.

As seats open up, the wait list engine will place waitlisted students into the class. The wait list engine does not process in real time, so it is possible to see an open seat but not be enrolled in the class until a couple of hours later.

The times that the wait list engine runs can vary. We may only run the wait list engine once a day during the early parts of registration. As we get closer to the beginning of the term, we will run the wait list more frequently, up to every hour.

Wait lists respect Learning Community (and other reserve capacity) reservations. This means that even if there are open LC seats, students will only be able to place themselves on the wait list. The wait list then will not register the student until a nonreserved seat opens up.

No, students cannot jump the line. Wait lists respect the students on the wait list by not allowing other students to “sneak in." If a student tried to register, Catalyst would tell them the class is full, but they may be able to try for the wait list.

No, they cannot. There is a requisite check both when they place themselves on the wait list and when the wait list engine tries to put them in the class. This is important because a student may have gotten on the wait list when they were enrolled in the requisite, but if they withdraw from the requisite before the engine runs, they won’t be allowed in.

The same process that kicks students out of enrolled classes for unmet requisites will also kick students off the wait list. This is known as the PERC (Post Enrollment Requirement Checking) process.

The next student on the list will be enrolled in this scenario, assuming they do not have any issues such as a time conflict or enrollment in a different section of the course. It’s important to note that these students with issues will remain on the wait list until it is purged. That means any other students wishing to get into the class will need to place themselves on the wait list and wait until the wait list engine runs in order to get registered.

The last day a student can add a wait list will be published in the Dates and Deadlines Calendars each semester.

The wait list engine will be run one last time the morning after the last day to add a wait list. Wait lists will be purged immediately after the last wait list engine run.

In this case, the student who was given closed class permission will be able to register and bypass the wait list. If the class capacity was 30, there are now 31 students enrolled. The students sitting on the wait list will need to wait for the enrollment to drop down to 29 (basically, two students need to drop now) in order for the first person on the wait list to get enrolled.

Students can see their wait list status by viewing their schedule. Waitlisted classes will show as "waiting", not "enrolled". Students will be able to see their current wait list position number as well.

Faculty and staff can view student enrollment by looking at the class roster and changing the Enrollment Status drop–down to "waiting". Student wait list positions will be shown here as well.