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Our goal is to come together to transform and embrace adaptive and accommodating technology to complement all aspects of academic engagement at the University of Cincinnati.

Nelson Vincent, VP for Information Technology & CIO, IT@UC

About The Accessibility Network at UC

The Accessibility Network empowers the UC community to create accessible, inclusive university web sites and eLearning environments for learners with all ranges of abilities. This program will drive the establishment and sustainability of eAccessibility as part of our core commitment to provide an inclusive student environment.

Articles About eAccessibility

Following are reading materials authored by UC eAccessibility experts to help you further your knowledge:


  • Advocacy - Find out just how many students we can help by incorporating accessibility into electronic documents.
  • Awareness Campaign - Read about The Accessibility Network awareness campaigns and materials you may have seen around campus.
  • Convincing Leadership - Discover an instructional designer's experiences with taking a proactive approach to accessibility in garnering support of leadership.
  • EIT Accessibility Plan - Find out what the university is implementing from the EIT Accessibility Plan and what support resources are available.
  • EIT Accessibility Policy - Find a link to the EIT Accessibility Policy, explanations about the purpose of the policy, and support resources available to help you with eAccessibility.
  • Laws and Civil Rights - Read about equal access laws and what eAccessibility means in the changing digital era.
  • Talking About Accessibility - Learn the best type of language used to support the ideas of inclusion when talking about people with disabilities.
  • Types of Disabilities - Read about common disabilities and what to keep in mind when designing accessible electronic content or purchasing accessible electronic materials.

Assistive Technology

eAccessibility Techniques

  • Accessibility vs. UDL - Explore eAccessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to examine how they differ and how one can support the other.
  • Accessible Example Diagrams - view illustrated diagrams of the behind-the-scenes techniques used to create accessible electronic materials.
  • Course Content Chunking - Discover what content chunking is and why it is beneficial for students.
  • Using Highlighting - Strategies on how to incorporate importance into content without only referencing sighted information.
  • Using Styles in Microsoft Word - Learn why you would use "styes" in a word processing document.
  • What is a VPAT? - Read about the form that is needed when making a software or application purchase at the university.
  • What is a Transcript? - A description of and best practices for audio and video transcripts.
  • What is Website Remediation? - Discover how this website process works and how it relates to eAccessibility.
  • Who is Closed Captioning for? - Learn about captioning and the students it may benefit.
  • Writing Alt Text - Discover how to describe an image to someone who cannot see it or to an individual who uses a screen reader.