Innovations & Parnerships

Annette Ready

Associate Vice President

Who We Are & What We Do

We partner with students, faculty, staff and the community to provide innovative and efficient technology solutions that support the academic and research priorities of the university.

Rhonda Orzali

Associate to VP & CIO

Innovations & Partnerships


Donna Williams

Executive Staff Assistant

Innovations & Partnerships

Information Security


Project & Portfolio Management

Jamie Byrne

Interim Manager


Services provided: Project management services for university initiatives and projects. We complete projects on time, under budget and with quality! We follow the global PMI methodology and our project managers are PMP certified. We utilize a state of the art PPM tool, TeamDynamix. We specialize in technology projects but are capable of managing other types of projects. We also provide project support services to the university community.

Research & Development

Jane Combs

Assistant Director


Services provided: Connect university researchers to IT resources in support of individual and multidisciplinary research projects, including high performance computing, high speed networking, server resources, cyber-infrastructure plans, network diagrams, computing resource cost estimates and technical descriptions, data security, and compliance planning. Identify, investigate and find funding for new IT service offerings and business development.

Chris Collins

Computer & Info. Tech. Lead


Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research

Services provided: Virtual Environments & Simulations Development, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Animations & Motion Capture, Gesture Based Controls, Avatar Customization, Data Visualization, and Game-Based Learning Modules.

Software Development & Maintenance

Josette Riep

Associate Director


Services provided: Database Development & Analysis, User Experience & Mobile Development, Web & Digital Communications, Multi-tiered application development, Application Integration, Project Coordination and Quality Assurance. Most significantly, we have the expertise and experience to develop and support custom applications built to the exact specifications of our customers.

Bjorg Prodan

Software Applications Technical Lead


App Lab on Mainstreet

Services provided: UC is the first university in the region to provide a physical location on campus that is dedicated to mobile application development. The App Lab on MainStreet offers UC developers the opportunity to collaborate with students, faculty, staff and alumni on the creation of mobile applications. UCIT provides resources—experienced staff, tool sets, a code library and more—to help members of the UC community bring their app ideas to life.