Faculty/Staff Hardware & Software

Welcome to IT@UC faculty and staff hardware and software services.

The following is a list of IT opportunities available to faculty and staff for purchasing hardware and software, repairing devices, and storing/hosting data at the university.

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Hardware & Software Discounts

View the UC Bookstores website for more information or call them at (513) 556-1700.

Departmental purchases of Dell equipment can be made through UC's Central Purchasing Department at a discounted price.

IT@UC negotiates Faculty/Staff Discounts with vendors to provide discounts on software for students, faculty and staff. View a list of Faculty/Staff software discounts.

Software Support

UC faculty and staff can visit ResNet to receive free support for personal devices such as software installation and virus removal. Learn more about ResNet.

The UC Bookstores Technology Center is a licensed AppleCare and Dell repair shop offering paid warranty services and repair. View more information about UC Bookstores Technology Center.

Systems and Device Management

Protect your data with Enterprise Backup Services, either for managed storage services or departmental servers. Request assistance with enterprise backup services (requires UC login).

Co-locate your IT data equipment in the UC Data Center, an environmentally controlled, physically secure, and fully staffed facility on east campus. Request assistance with data center equipment (requires UC login).

Use Virtual Servers for your project or services without the cost and overhead of buying your own equipment. Request assistance with virtual servers (requires UC login).