Echo360 Locations & Contacts

Echo360's Active Learning Platform, or ALP, is the university's enterprise tool for classroom capture. It allows instructors to create and upload content–before or during class–and students to access it anytime, anywhere, from any device. Over 75 classrooms at UC have a dedicated appliance installed that facilitates the automatic recording of lectures.

Use the following tables to discover the locations of Echo 360 in centrally scheduled E-classrooms and college E-classroom locations. Use the third table to find Echo 360 contacts for your area.

The table below lists alphabetically by building those centrally scheduled classrooms with Echo360's Active Learning Platform.
Building Room Number Device/Classroom Capture
60WCHARL 220 Device
Baldwin 544 Device
Baldwin 645 Device
BRAUNSTN 201 Device
BRAUNSTN 300 Device
BRAUNSTN 301 Device
LNDNRCTR 450 Device
MCMICKEN 43 Software Capture
MCMICKEN 53 Device
MCMICKEN 127 Device
Old Chem 525 Device
Old Chem 527 Device
Reccenter 3210 Device
Reccenter 3220 Device
Reccenter 3230 Device
Reccenter 3240 Device
RIEVSCHL 502 Device
Swift 500 Device
Swift 508 Software Capture
Swift 519 Software Capture
Swift 520 Software Capture
Swift 608 Software Capture
Swift 616 Software Capture
Swift 619 Software Capture
Swift 620 Software Capture
Swift 719 Software Capture
Swift 720 Software Capture
Swift 800 Device
Swift 808 Software Capture
Swift 816 Software Capture
Swift 819 Software Capture
Swift 820 Software Capture
Teachers 350 Device
Teachers 533 Device
Teachers 633 Device
Zimmer 302 Device
Zimmer 400 Device
Zimmer 413 Device
Zimmer 414 Device
The table below lists alphabetically by college the location of classrooms with Echo360's Active Learning Platform.
Building Building  Room Number
CCM Emery 3225
CoM MSB 2351
CoM MSB E155
CoM MSB 5051
CoM MSB 7051
CoM MSB E351
CoM MSB Kresge
CoM Care/Crawley E801C
CoM Kettering 121
CoM Kettering G17
CoM Kettering G18
CoM Kettering G19
CoM Kettering G26
CoM Kettering 221
Pharm Kowalewski 110 TBL
Pharm Kowalewski 140 ALC
Pharm Kowalewski 301
Pharm Kowalewski 310
CON Procter 101
CON Procter 103
CON Procter 105
CON Procter 106
CON Procter 274
CON Procter 286
CON Procter 288
CON Procter 431
CON Procter 432
DAAP Aronoff 5401
LAW Law 118
LCoB New Lindner 40
LCoB New Lindner 50
LCoB New Lindner 60
LCoB New Lindner 70
LCoB New Lindner 1140
LCoB New Lindner 1210
LCoB New Lindner 1215
LCoB New Lindner 1220
LCoB New Lindner 1225
LCoB New Lindner 1410
LCoB New Lindner 2110
LCoB New Lindner 2120
LCoB New Lindner 2125
LCoB New Lindner 2130
LCoB New Lindner 2240
LCoB New Lindner 2245
LCoB New Lindner 2250
LCoB New Lindner 3115
LCoB New Lindner 3120
LCoB New Lindner 3125
LCoB New Lindner 3220
LCoB New Lindner 3225
LCoB New Lindner 3230
LCoB New Lindner 3240
LCoB New Lindner 3260
LCoB New Lindner 3265
LCoB New Lindner 4210
LCoB New Lindner 4230
LCoB New Lindner 4230
LCoB New Lindner 4235
LCoB New Lindner 4240
LCoB New Lindner 4330
LCoB New Lindner 4225
LCoB  Carver Woods 130
UCBA Flory 130
UCBA Muntz 252
UCBA Muntz 340
UCBA Pavillion D 115
UCCC Snyder S16
UCCC Snyder S142
Staff Success Center Uhall 442
Staff Success Center Uhall 444
Staff Success Center Uhall 450
Staff Success Center Uhall 454
UC Libraries Langsam Library 462
UC Libraries Langsam Library Digital Commons Area
UC Libraries Langsam Library 480C

Who do I contact for more information?

If you are teaching in one of the Echo360 classrooms or have questions about Echo360, we encourage you to reach out to the contact for your college.

College Echo 360 Contacts
College Contact Phone Number
A&S Tina Meagher 556-6378
CAHS Christian Drennen 558-7528
CCM Clarence Brown 556-6806
CEAS Corrie Stookey 556-7135
CECH Jason Gerst 556-2824
COM Todd Schutter 558-5678
CON Steve McKinney 558-5205
DAAP Dan Dugan 556-2938
LAW Michael Mimms 556-0161
LCoB Matt Conley 556-6206
Pharm John Lawson 558-7083
UCBA Dale Hofstetter 556-4345
UCCC Judy Quillen 732-5224
Centeral Scheduled Classroom Support Tim Lawrence 556-5336
IT@UC Tina Meagher 556-6378
CET&L Bryan Smith 556-6382
UC Libraries Scott Sorrell 558-0290