About AESS

Our Goal:

To help you become a successful, independent learner. This is why we provide academic accommodations for all students with a disability as well as free tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Academic Coaching, international conversation partners, and learning resources for undergraduate students.

Some of the ways we meet our goal include:

  • Assisting students who are in danger of failing a course;
  • Assisting students who desire to improve their overall grade point average;
  • Assisting students in developing study habits and positive attitudes to ensure academic success in their college careers and beyond;
  • Increasing retention and graduation rates of all students.

Students use AESS for a variety of reasons: to receive reasonable academic accommodations; to keep up with course assignments; get additional assistance when anticipating or experiencing academic difficulties; or to review for quizzes and exams. We encourage you to visit early and often to learn about the available resources for your academic success.